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What Is Web Service and Its Function

Web Service may be familiar for us because we often hear this term related to the internet. So what is that and what is the function of that? It is service which is available over intranet or private network as well as internet. It is also using XML system which has been standardized. The service is also untied to the operating system or program it means that the service is dependent and does not have relation with any operating system.

Well, this judi bola service is described via XML grammar and discover via simple mechanism. The service has some components which are standard they are Simple Object Access Protocol or SOAP, Universal Description, Discovery and Integration or UDDI, and Web Services Description Language or WSDL. Each component has their own function which is important in communication and services. If you want to use this service it would be better to know more about this service so you will understand how this service work and how important of this service.

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If we have known that the service contains some components, we also should know the function of each component and how they work. The first component is SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol that has function to transfer the message. Well, the service is described using XML where XML can help to tag data. There is also WSDL or Web Services Description Language that has function to describe the service whether it available or not.

Sometimes, if we heard about Web Service there will also API. Actually, they are have same meaning as communication. Web services are API but API is not web services. The agen judi bola web service is involved communication through network where HTTP becomes the most common protocol that is used. Can we make our service? Yes, we can easily create our service using Visual C or other software.

Using this service for web will give us many benefits and that’s why we need to create this service. The process is easy and simple and can give us many benefits. The function or web service is also important so that we need to use this service. This service becomes a unit that will allow us to expose the existing code functionality over network and the other application can use your program functionality.

Function of Web Services

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This service also allows you to have interaction for your applications and share the data. The other benefit using this service is that the service is using standardized protocol. This standardized protocol gives many advantages for your business such as reduce the cost in the competition, quality can be increased and wide range of options. Well, one of the components in this service is SOAP, which means allow you to use low-cost internet which is existed to implement the service. This service is also can be implemented on the reliable transport mechanism such as FTP so it will be very effective. That’s why you can consider and decide to choose Web Service in order to get many advantages on your business.


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