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The Domain Name Registrar

A domain name registrar is the particular person or organization which has been certified by the registries. So then, they can have the right to sell the domain name to everyone who needs it. Then, the registrar also has a bound with the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) which set out the responsibilities for the registrar, which can be like data submission to the registries, escrowing the detail of the registrar domain name, facilitating the public WHOIS demands, and so many more. Aside of that, there are still some other info about the domain name registrar which you can check out below.

The domain name registrar must be accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assignment Names and Numbers, (ICANN). This particular non-profit organization will concern about your IP Number and domain name. Not only that, it will manage the root server and the TDL name system and also have the contract of some agreements between the registrar and the registries as well. All of those things will definitely make the registrar have the better performance to offer to the registrant. So then, they have the reason to set the price for the client to pay.

Well, speaking of the fee that is set by forĀ domain name registrar, it can actually be so various. In the simple words, Most of the domain name registrars will commonly ask the end user to pay about $8.00 mainly when they have to register for a com. This specific price will cover two different annual fees which are $7.85 for the registry operator for com, and also about $0.18 for the administration fee to ICANN. However, this specific price can be ranging from $7.50 to $35.00 per year when you decide to use the service from reseller to do a simple domain name registration process. It is because resellers will commonly offer you some other products such as web hosting services.

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After putting it all together, that is a bunch of information that you have to know about the domain name registrar. Hopefully, all of them can be the good references that you better consider every time you want to hire a registrar. Next, you can also decide whether you need the services offered by the reseller or not. So then, in the end, you can make the best deal with the partner that you have chosen to help you out to take care of your domain name.

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