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How To Make Domains for Your Website

You can create your own Domains for Your Website so that you can have your own special website in the internet. Domain is just like name for your website so that there is no other websites that have same identity with your website. You can create your domain in free or buy a domain from any service.

When you first create your website, you should put any name as the address of your website for example when you create It is also can be said as your website url. Another example is That is what called as domain. So, you have created your own website domain when you first create your website with the url you have entered. Domain name can be gotten in free or you can also buy a domain where you have to register and then pay for the register in certain amount of money. Then you can have your own domain or name in the internet with your company name.

Sometimes, website domain can also be called as host name. Commonly, domain of website is a name of the website or url of the website. Well, the other also called domain as host name where host name is likely harder to remember and become more memorable, it is website’s IP address. This address will allow the visitor to return to the website easily. The domain of website is flexible and because of that flexibility, IP addresses can be linked to the same domain.

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You can create your Domains for Your Website in certain name and address so that it can be easily found by the visitor. You can create your domain in letters as well as numbers depending on your company name or your website name. You can create the domain from a to z letters and can be combined with numbers from 0 to 9. It is also possible to combine with hyphen in order to make your domain becomes more unique and differ your domain with the other domain that may similar to yours. Usually, there will be two or three letters as it end to refer something such country or origin such as .com or .us and so on. These ends are called as top-level domain where every domain must have this end.

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Besides domain, the other term that is always related to website is web hosting. Some people may still confuse about what is web hosting and what the function of this related to the website. Well, web hosting is a server that becomes a place for you to upload your website so that it will appear in the internet. For this web hosting, you should pay the hosting company to get the space to upload your website in the internet. Sometimes, you can buy your website domain and you can also buy space for hosting in the same company so that it would be easier. Well, you can create your Domains for Your Websiteand also host your website easily to the internet.

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