By | 2018-06-25

Domain Name and Its Domain ExtensionMaking a website may be necessary nowadays. Some businesses need website. Companies and industries also need it. Of course, if you also want to make your own website, it is also fine to make it. The easiest one is to make a blog. You can easily make a blog and it does not require long process. Blog has provided all of the access, so making the blog can be as easy as making online registration. After that, you can make your own page design with the features offered by the blog. However, when you want to get more access of customization, you can make website for your own. In this case, of course you will need to know about domain name and its extension.

It is true that making website require you to make domain name. domain name is the address. When you are going to open the website, you are typing such words with “www.” After this, you will find such characters or word and it is the domain name. Simply, you can say that domain name is like the address to access the website. That is why it is interesting to make it since you will never be able to access the website when there is no domain name. in this case, domain name must also represent the website, so it can be made based on the brand of the website or things offered by the website.

About the domain extension, usually you will find “.com” in the end of the website address. It is the domain extension. There are many kinds of domain extension and it is not only .com. However, .com has become the most famous and popular extension. In this case, you can find alternative of extension and it is better to find alternative since there are more possibilities for you to get domain since the other extension has more availability since they still have less users than .com. About its potentials to appear in search engine, it does not matter since most of the search engines have changes their procedure. That is why the other extensions still have the same chance to appear.

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