By | 2018-06-27

Difference of Free and Paid DomainNowadays, it is not difficult to have website. People can have their own website easily. Of course, they also can make the website and design it easily since there are many templates to use and they can explore things based on their creativity. Of course, they do not need to worry since there are both free and paid domain for them. They can choose the most suitable for them. In this case, they can find advantages and disadvantages of those type of domain. These can be used as consideration to get the good one. Of course, the first benefit of the free domain is that it is free. You do not need to spend money for the domain and you can make the domain and website easily with this service. Things are as easy as making registration and making domain name. After that, hosting and website can be made and all of this can be for free.

Of course, this type of free domain is useful for short-term activity. It can be useful for making such an small events. Campus or community can make an event and they can make the website by using the free domain. This is effective since you do not need to spend money for the website. Then, when you and the committee need to make a registration, there have been some free access for the registration, so you only need to make and share the link for online registration. This type of service is useful since it is fine to delete the domain and website when things done. It is also fine to make it inactive.

Of course, there are different features and services offered by and paid domain. The free domain only has basic features, and it will not be suitable for people who need complete access and features for the domain. Of course, when you want to make it for long term, it is better to use the paid service, since it can have better features. Moreover, website with free domain may be hard when it is about to use SEO or search engine optimization. It is because they are not easy to be indexed with using SEO. Moreover, the free domain website will have less chance to be shown in the search engine. That is why, it is better to choose paid domain when it is for long term or for the sake of business, since it is more services to offer and there are more accesses to get.


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